Mother Theresa School is a model basic school approved by Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) operating in Darkuman a suburb of Accra .The core mandate of its establishment is to provide holistic and quality education for pupils from the Pre-School to Junior High School. The school has a highly trained, efficient and professional workforce or staff with an excellent academic output.


Mother Theresa School`s scope of operation was entirely dependent on paper documentation which made it difficult for management to keep and access information for academic and office perusals.
They used alternative means such as Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheet and paperwork to manage information on students and staff. This resulted in loss, delay and abysmal coordination on management of students, staff, parents/guardians and other stakeholders of the school.
Therefore, they decided to migrate from the strenuous paperwork to an integrated School Management Solution which provides a wireless interface for keeping records in the school system. Hence, Acceleron SchoolAdvantage was contracted to streamline the core practices used to perform administrative tasks in the school.


Acceleron Systems Limited assisted the management of Mother Theresa School to align the existing academic and operational activities with the Acceleron SchoolAdvantage software and stakeholders information for their specific need. An integrated and customized software with customer support service and data migration was performed for all classes and departments in the school. Acceleron SchoolAdvantage seamlessly migrated their existing paper information data systems without any distortion to existing school operations and also provided customized modules to meet the school`s specific business requirements.