Features of SchoolAdvantage.NET include:


For managing students, staff, classes, subjects, grades, academic terms and years. Prepare academic and administrative reports. Set up SMS and Email Notifications and Alerts. Perform promotion and academic year export and import. Prepare Student ID Cards and many more. Configure user access control.

School Billing

Prepare accurate bills for each student and monitor their payments. Send outstanding bill notifications, preview student ledger and manage every student account.

Fees Payments

Make fees payments, issue receipts and send payment notifications to parents.

Terminal Assessments

Prepare assessments, cumulative, terminal reports. Send terminal report and terminal analysis snapshot notifications to parents and management.

School Accounting

Manage your school's accounts and prepare financial statements with ease. Automated postings ensure your financial state is a report away.

School Payroll

Prepare payslips faster and easier.


Let's host the system online and have access to it from anywhere. Teachers, parents, administrators can have access to the platform wherever they are. You get to know what is happening without stepping into your school premises.

Mobile Applications

Get the parents to access their ward's terminal performance and billing accounts right on their mobile. Get them up to date on school news and announcements. Our TutorAdvantage allows teachers to access terminal assessment on their android phones, save excessive cost on laptops and computers for teachers.